DID Virgin

Well, mine is not an unusual story. In therapy for a dozen years to try to come to grips with sadistic sexual child abuse. We were getting Nowhere and decided to see a specialist as our traumas and aweird feeling of being broken were not being dealt with. So this past October we made a painful switch. Who knew just how many people can live inside one woman. Certainly not us!

When we were silent there was strict discipline. Don’t let antbody know. Pieces had their specific functions and the Weaver kept the loom running efficiently enough for Us to function well enough to keep Us out of the hospital for the most part. Then we started seeing a therapist who knows. Things are getting Mighty Weird mighty quickly. This blog will be dealing with our Coming In. Someone’s knocking, more later. Hello there world!


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  1. February 7, 2010 at 8:52 am

    Actually we weren’t really think you were writing about us. Or if you were…irrelevant. The point is that everyone is where they are at along the process. No one is talking to you when they blog about whatever they do, y’know? It is a very personal journey that many many ups and downs and bends in the road and stuck times and needy times and times when they just want it all to end.

    It is not a competition. Everybody has the right to be where they are. There is no better/worse. Higher/lower. There only … Is. If someone or somsthing’s difficult for you then just stay awAy from it. Or a specific person or whatever you find difficult. Good for you to have a good sense of your boundaries. I applaud your self-knowledge and support your right to be where you are, too.

    But to say that you are “farther along” or otherwise superior in any way to so
    wine else in their process because you are not where they are at is cruel, dehumanizing, non-compassionate and retraumatizing.

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