Pixie Dust

We have heard her whole life long of the importance of being kind and loving toward oneself. Compassion forgiveness that we would extend toward other people. That this is an important part of become an authentic single person.

Everything we read tells us this. To take our little ones by the grubby little hand and lead them to safety. To let go of the massive guilt and shame. To stop being responsible for all of the sh*t that was dished out on us when we were small.

We do not doubt the validity of the world’s insistence in this regard. But we have never found one shred of information on just how one goes about this process. Wrap your distressed selves in a warm blanket. Let little ones sit on your lap and cry if they have to. Have some feeling of yourself as somebody who was at the wrong places at the wrong times survivor victim blah blah blah. Be proud of your strength horsesh*t.

There is no magical pixie dust. There is nothing but foul wreckage in here. Stop accusing us of not being able to find the magic answer. You don’t know what is inside us so give us some real information or shut the f*ck up.



  1. January 6, 2010 at 10:33 am

    You’ve been busy 🙂

    If its of help, I found this book really helpful.



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