Supermassive Black Holes

Last evening we were in a gigantic rageout. Really since Monday but it sort of…tipped ovah with the coming of the dark. We could not move so at seven o’clock we just went to bed and surfed the channels for junk food tv. Saying chants for panacea on the boob tube.

What we found was several hours of documentaries on supermassive black holes. As is common with children we firmly believe that the world revolves around our bad influences thru our very existence within it. We were enchanted.

So of course we decided that what we are is in essence a supermassive black hole. Here follow some bits of information about them that sealed the deal on our somewhat…unclear? thinking.

Supermassive holes live in the center of every galaxy. Perfect, no matter which of us is Out there we are smack dab in the centre of the chaos.

Supermassive black holes have such a huge gravitational pull that they obfuscate any light that comes their way. They just selfishly gobble it up. Well that is is for certain.

Supermassive black holes spit out 25% of the energy that exists in the Universe. Well, perfect for our system in it’s blinding rage.

Supermassive black holes have at their centre something called the Singularity. Infinitesimally small and beyond density at the same time. Wow does that ever fit!

Supermassive black holes are invisible. Well yes that is certainly true.

Nobody really knows if supermassive black holes really exist. Hah perfect!

Not even Albert Einstein could understand supermassive black holes. Since we can’t understand ourself this is yet another obvious truth.

The moral of this story about supermassive black holes is that one should never go to bed in a fury at seven o’clock at night and watch public television. Because we have this image now that is gonna be impossible to explain to T. And honestly the images of all those swirling galaxies has given us a supermassive headache.


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