Seeking new internal system

Last weekend, when the earthquake hit in Chile, there was a huge alert in Hawaii for a potentially disastrous tsunami. We were glued to the TV, watching coverage on CNN, MSNBC and I believe BBC in America. Transfixed.

As regular readers know, we have kicked out the internal system that has gotten us thru the past…well all of our life. The weaved sat on top, throwing colors and textures into a loom as each color was needed to function. Colors were people, emotions, functions such as driving and dealing with clients…splinters.

This was a very autocratic system. The Weavef would pull something up and it would have to be there. Whenever there was dissention in the ranks, very infrequently, the Weaver would throw in the Furies to scare the shit out of everybody else hence achieve compliance.

We’ve decided that this is not a good internal organization. Too secluded. Kept everybody sepRate from the rest. No communication hence no cooperation. No teamsmanship. No personal growth learning or real expression for any of the splints. Which is all counter to our goals in getting better.

So the old system is gone. Unfortunately the Weaver doesn’t have a new conceptualization yet so things are rather chaotic. Hence the drive to create increased safety and stabilization at this time.

Watching the fizzled Hawaiian tsunami something began to form. Something so familiar in the pattern of waves crashing onto new and higher ground. Followed by the sucking out of the sea, leaving the seafloor totally exposed. And able to be seen.

This in out in out pattern is how our life seems to be these days. Battle royale leaving our sea floor bare and exposed. Then crashing in of waves on new territory and the coolness of that epiphanous moment. Then the draining back, to create even greater self-awareness. In out in out.

We like the idea of the ocean. It is vast and seemingly infinite while holding itself to very firm boundaries to keep if safe and functional. The currents the riptides the stillness at any given minute. The tremendous temperature variances of the same water system. The ebb and the flow. The teeming lives that it supports. The tempest and the doldrums. All in one package. Oxygen aplenty.

We are not quite sure how to go about reorganizing ourselves. There’s not yet formed a global interpretation but we think we’re getting close. All those molecules separate but equal, forming the planef’s biggest biomass. So fagile and yet so overwhelmingly powerful. Awesome.

The only safe place we had as a kid was our house on the ocean on the Maine coast. Tides are very apparent there, some of the most extreme in the world. It’s so cold it takes your breath away. Some days the high tide pounds on the rocky beach and other days it creeps in on kittens’ paws to steal from Robert Frost.

Anyway. Like a journalist with a scent on news we see something here. Something fluid, able to sustain incredible and diverse life forms. Has it’s own rhythms yet is capable of tremendous change in an instant.

So. Any thoughts on how the Weaver can put this all together?


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