American politics is like DID

Being an American in these days of extremity is alot like having DID. There are as many conflicting interest groups, all vying outlandishly for attention and to be heard. There is no singleness in our population. Depending on who is out on a given day, things can appear to be fantastic or they can be extremely violent and depressing. The climate canchange on the drop of a hat.

Just as it is difficult to explain what it’s like to live in a number of personalities/memory banks/attitudes/functionaries, it is hard to explain what it is to be an American. Because there just is no such thing. There are native Indians who have been all but destroyed, but legally they are wards of the state and not citizens exactly. Certainly they are able to vote and all that–but they are wards. Not so much.

There are also a very few people whose forefathers were brought here foe much longer than 350 years. Most of these people were kicked out of their countries as criminals and just dumped on the shores in the northeast primarily. I am one of those progeny.

There are Spanish conquistadores who came to conquer and their descendants have been in the South for a very long time. Also French fur trappersmade their way down to New Orleans to get away from Quebec in Canada.

America is not represented az a single group because it isn’t one. It is a nation of immigrants. The crazy quilt that make up our population is just too diverse for cohesion. Special interest groups represent our political process. Those who spend the most money on advertising themselves around election time usually win. UnfortunTely but true. There is just no single “right” answer.

This is geographically a very big place. In the 48 contiguous states temps on a given day may vary from ten boelow zero to the 80s. We have mEshes and flatlands and enormous plains and huge mountain ranges. It is a vast area. When you add in Alaska and Hawaii for example you can imagine that these populations have totally divergent interests.

There is federal law here. Everybody needs to abide by these in the same manner. Unfortunately individual states havethe right to make their own laws as well. Which is where the weirdness comes in. States like Utah have both marriage for gays and homicide for miscarriage when the womanknows that she is pregnant. Dethere are a few states in which sex other than missionary position between married people is illegal. It is just a mess.

Let’s take a look at the city in which I live, Chicago. There are More Irish people living here than in DuBlin. More Poles than in Warsaw..a total of 9 minorities in this position. In many parts of town In which English is rarely spoken if at all. We are lucky here. The same family has pretty much run the politics of the City for generations. It is abit self-interested yes. But it works and so.

Now expand to the state of Illinois. If is a quite rural farming state. About as many people live in the Hi terlands as who live in the City. Chicago sends down more money than we get from the state. But thT does not stop the rednecks for messing around with their republican moronic ideas.

In America there is an average of one gun per capita. Ot per adult, per capifa. The right to bear arms is protected under our Constitution as it stands and the reality is that the NRA is one of the most affluent lobbying groups in the country. So all these hunters are ensuring that 12 year old gangbangers have the right to have guns on them. Obscene.

The current havoc over civil rights for gays is not about marriage. It is about the classic American hatred of minority groups. It seems that nothing threatens a straight white anglo Saxon man more than gay people just now. At one time it was blacks, in southern border states it’s about illegal Msxicans. The right to hate is freely serviced here. If a special interest group has enough money they can change the face of this place very easily.

And yet I completely defend the rights of all Americans to freely express themselves. Gay groups and neo-nazis alike have freedom of assembly of speech. While I may loathe I dividuals and the ideologies they represent, as much as they discriminate against me, they have that right under the constitution.

And let’s take a look at this individual, me. I make a ton of money as a dog psychologist. My partner makesa huge ton of money in the business world in sports marketing. We live together, married, and pretty much do as we please. I would no want to live in Idaho or Soith Dakota mind you but this is my decision. I eat well I can show my face in public.I may not have all the civil rights of other Americans true. But I fight for that right and one day we will win. Because in this country we have to kick up a big fuss before we make any major changes. We have to do this teeter-totter dance for awhile. But we will win.

In the days before Bill Clinton became president there were no stories about gay people. We did not exist at all. nd love him or hate him Bill Clinton talked Bout us. This is a huge huge shift.

You cannot fight an enemy when you’re invisible. But now that
The fight is out in the open we’re able to wage the war.

Yes, many idiotic things come from this country. But the outlandish always loses in the end. That’s
Why I always cry when I hear our impossible-to-sing-well National Anthem.



  1. Bee said,

    March 16, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    I have never thought about this in that way…wow. Very interesting. Thank you for writing about it. I totally agree with it. Explaining either one and having someone understand is pretty much impossible!


    • March 16, 2010 at 6:23 pm

      Well thank you! We are struggling to change our internal system of government and this just popped out. Ha. Thank you for commenting andwelcome.

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