Using Life To Live

So. We are in his bright blue sunny day -like experience in which self-realizations are coming like so many falling dominoes. One seems to lead to another to get the picture. Things look differently. Things ARE differently.

I understand that the fierce tigers I have been so afraid ox, running from my entire life, just are not real. And since
They’re unreal there is no reason whatsoever to continue to follow the Rules that kept us running our whole life long. No tigers. So no running off cliffs to get away, no grasping onto a tiny branch no tigers down below. There is only this most delicious strawberry.

So many self-deceits have become so completely clear to us so suddenly wencan’t write fast enough. There’s the concept that I do have control within my environment, my relationships, my work my artwork my marriage. My life. Wow I can actually impact IT rather than the other way around. This just boggles my mind. So empowering. God it just makes several paincenters melt. Or rather morph into helpers.

There is my relationship, which is the most importantthing in my life. I feel no dread boogeymen there I clearly see my fears of betrayal. That frankly are just not there. I have begun to be able to lay new groundwork here. Change the quality of our life together because I can afford to be honest about where I am, about the importance of her place in my life. And that is being returned in kind. Wicked cool.

We have come up with a new internal system that is not based on the lies our head has always told us. The splinters are related. This will take time to unravel but it’s based on communication internally and no martial law anywhere. So those who have been frightened into silence can have their own voices. It is surprising to become aware that they really are not all tha separate from one another.

And on and on. The point is that I am able to USE this understanding that the tigers aren’t there. So the reason for that terror that has gripped my life is gone. And that means just so many things we can’t even get it all down. Lucky for us we have a place for that we have therapy.

It’s too early to be up. The temperature has plummeted 30 degrees overnite and it’s snowing the heavy wet snows of spring. All is right with the world.


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