Images of What, Freedom?

So we have this two-part psychological theory that seems to be working thus far. First, wherever we are we are okay. Good bad depressed panicking fabulous. It’s all okay. The point is to not DO anything when the rough stuff comes up. Which inevitably it will. Just notice the feeling. As T says, this teaches us that feelings come and go. More importantly however we are able to look at them, with less judgement every day. We can see that they will not overtake us or harm us in any way.

Whib gets to the other part of our personal psychology. Use it. Figure out what the emotion means. Where it came from. Where it came from before that. And before that. And before that. If it’s great, figure out why it is and find out how to replicate it. If it’s bad or sad or gut-wrenching we are increasingly able to sit with it. Turn it around and around in our mind, hum where the hell does this come from? Why is it (inevitably) so familiar? To what else does it apply in our life?

Amazing images are coming to us, regardless of how we feel. We’re in a prison, walking down a corridor of cells. We stop in front of the cell that belongs to us. But something here is different. In our cell there are no bars.

No tigers are chasing us. There is only the fruit (see that blog).

We’re walking in the middle of a desert. Big sand dunes, windy…the Sahara kind of a place. We are getting thirsty. We walk up a dune and there’s a huge city with palms and wells and lots and lots of water.

We’re sitting in front of an empty canvas. Staring, the blankness accusing us for being totally non-creative hence worthy (mom). And we pick up our pallet and a brush and we start painting.

There are a hundred of these things roaming around in our head these days. It’s okay to see it. Use it. Take a look, it’s not going to hurt you.

Freedom. It’s pretty freaking great.



  1. Karen Monroy said,

    March 26, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    My heart smiles when I read this. Blessings.

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