red wants to say Hi

Hi. I am red and I am five. I have come out here to talk before. I have decided some things and I want to talk about them. If you do not like me you do not have to read about me and that’s okay I won’t be mad or anything. People like different things and that is okay.

After we went to see Dr. Julie today we had to go to the pharmacy to get some pills and stuff. And I went shopping at the grocery store part of the store. I got a bunch of soup because we can’t swallow so much, and some bread and bananas because the one who tells me stories and sings to me likes bananas. I got a bunch of kinds of tea.
And I got a bunch of sweet stuff too. Nobody wants to eat anything and Dr. Julie said eat anything I don’t care. So I got candy. Dr. Julie is very nice she even said hi to me. When I wasn’t talking but I was watching. But I have talked to her before one time when the old therapist was gone and it was bad.

I also got a big box of crayons. Mom would never let me draw of paint or anything. She said Barb was artsy and I am good at math and science and reading and so I couldn’t draw.

But T says that I can do that if I want to now. And now when we are all sick I am going to draw with my crayons. There’s paint and chalk and inks and stuff in the studio but that is all for the adults to use. I always wanted to use crayons and so now I have some.

I used to think I was all by myself. All I knew was about the bad things uncle Norman did to me because I was so bad. And I thought it was still happening and I was very afraid. But now I know all about alot of new things. I am very, very smart they can’t keep up with me atthe school.

I know that now is a different time. I know that there are a bunch of others living here. Different kinds of things happened to different ones of them. The adults and the teenagers are okay I listen but I don’t talk back maybe someday I will. Maybe I will today I don’t know if it is safe.

There are a bunch of little ones running around now, too. They don’t know what they are doing mostly they just run around. It reminds me of being at recess and watching all the other kids just running around. They would laugh and it was very confusing because there is nothing to laugh about.

The littles don’t laugh but they are always running around in a group. They come like a bunch of grapes for stories or to be put to sleep. They are different from
Each other because different things happened to them all but they’re also like one piece because they stick together.

The littles don’t know it’s a different time. They still think uncle Norman is going to come find them. They don’t know about anybody but themselves even though they’re like a pack.

I feel like I can tell them these new things to make them
Feel better and know more and grow up. But I don’t want to. T says I don’t have to but I feel like I should. I don’t want to get lost in a big bunch like with all the cousins or at school. I don’t want anybody coming in my room. T says no that’s just my room for me. She says it’s no my job to be teaching anybody anything that she will do it with the adults. But I am Still afraid I don’t know that I believe her.

T said yesterday maybe it would be nice to fall to some of the littles. Like having a friend. I don’t know wha that means but I am going to try to talk to them this weekend. If I get really afraid I can just go I to my room.

I guess that is all I have to say. I am very very tired now and it is time for a rest like Dr. Julie said. Thank you.



  1. Wolfie said,

    March 26, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    Hi Red!! It is really nice to meet you. I think it is exciting that you got new crayons!! Do you know what you are going to draw yet??

    Hope you have a good rest


    • March 26, 2010 at 1:28 pm

      Thank you it is nice to meet you. Maybe I will do some math first because math is not scary. I know mom is dead, I know that now. But I am still scared. Maybe I will do a picture of my other house inaine or maybe uncle Dick’s farm or Grandma’s farm in Maine. Thank you it was nice to meet you.

  2. Tiger said,

    March 26, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    Hi Red!
    I’m so glad that you got yourself some crayons! I’m 20, and crayons are still one of my favorite things. Do you have a coloring book, too? I know that you’re all sick, but if you don’t want to go get one, or don’t have one, here’s a link where you can print out some pictures to color in, if you want to. And if you don’t want to, that’s okay too!

    • March 27, 2010 at 7:38 am

      Thank you Very much that is very nice. The one who tells stories to all the littles and sings will make some pictures for us to color. I get to do this today and maybe some other littles might want to do it too. That would be okay I think. Thank you very much.

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