Poster Child for Genital Mutilation

So here’s the story. Last night inwaa twitteringbaway and someone asked in what I perceived to be abit of a lighthearted manner how exactly female circumsition (sp) works.

I’m a bit touchy on the subject so I tweeter back what exactlyit is. That the hood of the clitoris is partially or completely removed. Which hurts like a son of a bitch.

So. Feeling that I did my political duty I moved on. Suddenly I was asked to sign a petition to stop FGM. Sure, be happy to RT it along.

Then somebody else twittered me about parents’ rights to circumcize boys.

Ok. Not a debate into which I wish to be entangled. So I said look I am a survivor of partial female circumcision and that’s what I care about. BLOCK

So THEN the petition bombed me with @Splinteredones stuff about femalegenitalmutlation. Like 5/6 tweets in a coupleof minutes. Not so much.

I understand that people mean no. Harm. I understand there are not alot of adult Americans who would tell this storyof theirs. But it was not the best day of my life so I twittered them back to ask them to stop. Want to support their efforts but all I can do is to RT. Which made them stop. Fair enough

All those emails were gettingvrrady to go sproiiiiiig off. But I chose to stop to berate go visit my safe space pit to sleep that freaked little girl. Within 20 minutes the decision to not wallow took hold and i was back to fine.

Coolness. Choices wow how cool.

When I awoke this morning there was a tweet from yet another fake mutilation group tellinge I have a story that needs to be told by reading some of my blogs. Didn’t really even get to me.

However. I have no interest in being a poster child for female genital mutilation. Ot childsexual abuse or any of it. I just want to be ordinary dull me. It’s not that I do not want to help I Judy don’t want to define myself in this way.

Is that wrong of me?



  1. May 13, 2010 at 11:52 am

    It is not wrong of you at all. Don’t ever let another person guilt you into doing something that does not honor you as a person. You have the right to do what feels right for you. Have a glorious day today.

    • May 13, 2010 at 12:20 pm

      Thank you. Yeah, I really just can’t go there so much. And that’s okay for now I suppose. I am honored that you’re stopping my dumb little thing 😉

  2. October 5, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    It is ~always~ okay to set limits on what you are and are NOT willing to do or say. If people don’t honor those limits, it’s perfectly okay to do whatever you need to do in order to feel safe – blocking, as one good example. Your primarily responsibility is to yourself – you deserve to be treated with the same compassion and kindness you would demonstrate toward a dear friend. Hugs, Jo

    • Splinteredones said,

      October 5, 2010 at 1:17 pm

      Thanks honey. Took awhile but I did finally get rid of them all. I get it, upper middle class Caucasian chicks who tell their story in this regard are few and far between. But I don’t want to be anybody’s poster child. And so.

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