Alters Speak: Possible new T

I am going to go off where I go when my various alters wish to speak. I’ll probably be co-conscious but will stay out of their way.

My name is red and I am five years old. I was the first o e to talk to old T. The adults say I can’t talk about her but yesterday we met soMebody new and I want to talk abou that. Her name is C. She is a dyke and I lime that because she is like the adults and I like girls to ao that is good. She said that her job is to get to know us so she can tell us to stop when we are going down a wrong road or It is too much. I think that is a very good thing. I know what it is like here sort of and I know that it is too much for alot of them to handle. C asked what we did the past two days. She asked what our favorite wii game is. She told us about disability and that that would be a good thing. When we were talking once she said no more about kids do your qi gong now I want to see. She said we will go very slowly because somebody said they were afraid of their life. I liked that we can decide when to work hard but mostly not so much for awhile. I wantto see other people but I like this one alot better.

I am seven. I am all beat up and I don’t talk so much but I hurt alot alot. I am very scared and this one says it’s gonna be up to me to talk if I ever do. I like that because I do not want to talk.

We are the teenagers. We did not like the last one. We feel more in control with this new possible one. She says it’s her job to keep us all from going too nuts. That we can all go as slowly as we want to and that suits us fine. We are a mess and we are just too beaten and bloody. We don’t want anybody to see us. Plus the adults say we’re whiny teenagers and they can go screw off.

I am little. I like new one. New one is strong and no crazy like mommy or that other one. She’s nice. And she knows.

I am the one who was prostituted out. I ammnever going to tell my story again. All it did was hurt parts from when that other one did not care.

We are the littles. We are a bunch. Bad T didn’t know us she was scary what she said and what she did was not the same. We do not want to see anybody ever again but dr P says they have to and so. We just want to be quiet and watch for a long time to wait and see.

I am the Weaver. I used to be in charge of who or what came and went but I was dismantled without any replacement and it was utter chaos. Good riddance. I am
In no rush to talk and it’s appealing to me that I won’t be forced to.

I am Central. I am a coordinator of sorts. I spoke with old T alot and frankly that experience has really wounded me. I’m a big girl about it but my feelings have still been crushed and I’m in no mood to go jumping into anything right away. What is appealing to me about possible C is that she has a strong presence and from initial impression she will be able to help stabilize things.

Okay, I’m exhausted. That’s enough for now. It’s a good sign that the alters have pretty much agreed that possible new C is a major potential.



  1. Karita said,

    May 28, 2010 at 5:39 am

    I’m so glad this T have potential for you/all the alters. šŸ™‚

    • May 28, 2010 at 7:25 am

      Thanks hon. As you can see many feel burned. But they will have to trust as well, so it’s a good thing

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