Qi gong, sorta

Qi gong is an energy practice. Basically you move the energy in your body around thru visualization and breathing.

Qi Gong requires specific movements and postures. However once you learn the visualization of moving qi around your body it can be a very useful coping technique for anxiety and for regaining balance in one’s emotional sensibilities.

First you get in touch with your tan den, the center of energy (qi) in your body. It is physically located in your lower belly, three fingers under your belly button. Imagine a multiple-colored ball. Or a pink ball or whatever color works. Tan den is a ball that gets bigger when you add qi to it and It shrinks and becomes more dense when you take energy out of it.

First do this. Close your eyes and find your tan den. Remember it’s a ball. It can be any size you want. Mine is the size of my fist. It moves on an axis. You can make it spin and turn but it stays basically in the same place.

So. Close your eyes and imagine a ball. What color is it? Mine looks like a Christmas ornament. Try to make it spin.

Okay. So you now are aware of one of the essential concepts in Chinese medicine. Congratulations on your new tan den.

So now try closing you eyes and take a deep breath in. Take that breath into your tan den. Feel it get larger? No w exhale. Imagine you are squeezing te breath out of your tan den. See how it gets smaller? So just do this. Just breathe in and notice your fan den increasing in size. Exhale, squeezing the breath out of your tan den. Notice it’s decreasing size.

As you play with this you will notice that younare breathing from a lower place in your body than you usually do. Most people breathe into their upper lungs, which is shallower. When you breathe from your lower belly tan den you breathe will become longer and slower. You get a much better health benefi in breathing lower and less shallowly.

So. Doing okay? Feel how you can control the size of your center of energy? Cool. Now imagine pulling energy/breath up from the Earth, thru the bottoms of your feet, all the way up your legs, up up up into your tan den. Feel how cleansed your legs feel? With practice you will. Then squeeze the breath/energy down your legs thru the bottoms of your feet, back deep into the Earth. Up up up down down down. Try to stay aware of how your feet feel, taking in energy from
The Earth, then pushing energy downdown down into Earth. Keep track of your tan den as it grows and shrinks with qi coming and going.

Now ready for something really cool? Now we balance your entire body. Take energy thru breath up into tan den from Earth. Push that energy out the small of your back, all the way around the Earth, and back into your tan den. Breathe qi into your tan den. Exhale qi straight up your backbone, over the top of your head way up into the sky. Inhale it back down thru the front of your body to tan den. Then exhale back deep into Earth.

There are many, many derivations on basic Qi Gong practice. But if you start here and you practice as much as you can several times a day soon you will have an active coping skill tha will lower your pulse and blood pressure. You’ll have a head start on chakra balancing and lots of new oxygen in your bloodstream. You’ll be able to breathe less shallowly. And you will be better able to conquer imbalances and anxieties.

One tip on practice: do it for shorter time periods more often thru the course of the day. You can do It sitting or standing. Have fun.



  1. Ravin said,

    May 27, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    This is way cool thanks for sharing this! Ravin

    • May 27, 2010 at 7:15 pm

      I knew there was something I forgot to do–to tell you I explained it! Duh. The more balanced I feel the more forgetful I become.

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