The Black Tar Spigot

So I do Qi Gong, right? Been doing it for years. Not only because it works and heals me, but also because it allows me to visualize problem areas in my body. So it’s easy to find new visualizations to counteract all the blergy nastiness my body holds.

I am currently using qi gong to bring light into my heart, my spot where the shit lives.

I was just sitting the other day, breathing in meditation, not attaching to anything really. Just waiting to see what comes up. My heart was demanding of a great deal of attention.

So I sent some qi ( energy) there and a picture popped into my head. I was breathing in light and my limited version of joy and I got this image on exhalation. Very vivid. It was of a bathroom spigot sticking out of the center of my heart. Curious, on my next exhale I turned the spigot on. This thick black tar-like substance started coming out. I turned the switch off to exhale peace and light, then on exhale opened the faucet. Same thing.

At first this was a very viscous substance. Sticky and coming out very very slowly. With time and directing my attention the black gooop became less thick and has begun to flow freely out of my poor beleagued heart. In other words, more of it is flowing out per exhale. I had to create something to “cathe” this gross black stuff so it wouldn’t just stay floating around in me. So I have a big drum-like bucket that holds nuclear waste. As it fills up I can just let it go away.

It seems to me now that there is a never-ending supply of this gook. But it’s getting thinner and is actually turning brown, so it is losing it’s viscosity. All good signs that one day it will also go away. Hard to imagine but apparently it does have an end.

I love qi gong. There is an unlimited amount of poser to it if I just let it be, see what’s in here without judgment.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens here. Yay for imagery.


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