Took my Girlfriend to Prom:1978

Okay. So a young lesbian in Mississippi wants to bring her girlfriend to the prom. The school fights back, in the immortal stupidity inherent in the Deep South. They cancel Prom altogether. They also contend that it’s against school policy for a girl to wear a tux on school grounds, which is appareny what the girlfriend wants to wear.

This young Lesbian is suing the school for her right to take her lovey to the Prom. Brave kid, bu I just cannot understand what is happening in this situation.

In 1977 and 1978 I took my girlfriends to the prom. Once we both wore dresses and once my girlfriend wore a tux. I had come out publicly in I believe 1972 of so, when I was 12. At both dances we received abit of crap from drunken football players but that’s about it. We were not the only gay couple there and it was just not an issue.

This took place in the hyper-affluent suburbs of Chicago. So yes, Jim Crow was never a tradition there. There was no black polling, no burning crosses no lynchings. Being socially liberal was what one aspired to.

But let’s face it. That was 30 years ago. So the state of Mississippi is 30 years behind? More like 100 years, folks. I recently saw a documentary about this town in Alabama where they were having a “mixed” prom for the first time in 2008. What was the “mix”? White and black students together in one prom. No segregation.

I will admit that I really dos not have a white-hot desire to go to my Proms. But I did have a burning desire to make a solid potical stand and lef’s face if, get laid at the end of the party hah

I just do not understand this st all. How backward some areas of our nation truly truly are. Big kudos for that babydyke from the land where segregation is kept to a minimum. My heart goes out to her!