Sex, Yes. Enough Already!

Sex. Yup. We do it. We get it in any way that we can. In menopause and we are a bitch in heat. But there are several good reasons for this.

The first is that we have gotten what we always assumed was permanent damage to the privates fixed. In a nutshell we have been able to have clitoral orgasms over say the last two months–for the first time in her life. Honestly, how do any of us get anything done at all? I mean, just the mere physical thing of it. My god we honestly had no idea hah.

This is a hugely liberating thing for us mentally and emotionally as well. Our body doesn’t belong to somebody else. Wow what a concept. We never knew it didn’t belong to our plethora of pedophiles. Which is totally cool. Because there’s no overwhelming pain to tune out we’re actually there for it. So of course it would be all over our brains. Because we are not…gone. Amazing. We get to figure ou what we want, fabulous.

Because the nature of our particular story contains mucho bizarre and sadistic shit we learned very early on that “sex” included a gigantic array of specific actions. So when we grew up we never thought of creating boundaries around it. Weren’t there so our attitude was pretty much “sure, why not?”. Nothing in the adult world was new to us, so what the hell? Just a game anyway.

So now we get to actually connect to it, which is a pretty incredible thing. Who knew? Not us.

Of course there are just a ton of issues popping up. The little ones keep stepping in and promptly flipping out. We are learning how to convince them to stay away but it is absolutely irritating when they do not follow the rules. Makes for a busy time sometimes to say the least. The Teenagers are of course totally freaked and they’re hard to see because they are so good at hiding. But we have no patience for them and we’re pretty well able to just push them down temporarily. They kick up quite the sulky aftereffects but frankly we do not care.

We suspect that our sex drive isn’t politely diminishing with age because we just never really had it so much. So it’s not fifty years old. We don’t know how old it is exactly but it’s not our physical age, that’s for sure. Hah.

And really, it’s just the cat’s pajamas as our grandmother used to say. Which is to say what exactly we don’t know but generally that it’s really, really neat-o. We highly recommend it.

The shrink we saw for a dozen years, the evil CBT, used to say well what people did to you had nothing to do with sex. Oh, okay. That’s helpful. She would go on and on and on about consent about how sexual abuse isn’t in any way related to sex. Try telling tha to a seven year old girl who has a high drunken maniac between her legs. Try it yourself then tell us all about how the two things are not connected.

We do have some questions around this whole thing. Most importantly, can a person go blind from excessive masturbation?

Hah, see? Hysterical.



  1. namelessneed said,

    January 25, 2010 at 10:09 am

    Wow, you’ve said a mouthful, all kinds of stuff to talk about, Thanx for shaing yr streams of consciousness about a very complicated topic.
    And, by the way, I can still read yr blog pretty readily so I think I need to pick up the pace, I guess I’m short of excessive.

    • January 25, 2010 at 10:24 am

      Hi, thanks for stopping by! The truth is that we can’t seem to just shut up hah. Appreciate it 😉

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